Saturday, November 5, 2016

photos by: Jesse Jake
top: Vanessa's Closet
skirt: Penshoppe
boots: H&M
hat: H&M

Wore this look at Pop District's first anniversary last September. I can remember the first time they had a press conference up to the after party. Not only that event, but the other events I've been to as well. Still, I can't believe how a lot of things had happened in just a year. Oh how time flies so fast. 

Anyway, I bought this top from my fellow blogger, Vanessa East, during the second Pop District Bazaar last summer. I just love her wardrobe. I'm probably one of her loyal customers at the event. Haha! The color got my attention, and the silhouette as well. I love how this crop top is not that revealing compared to other crop tops. Plus the material is suede! Paired my it with a denim skirt to complement the color. Wore it with a pair of black boots, which is by the way really comfortable even if it has a little bit of heels. Finished the look with a hat 'cause I really do think it completes the look. :)

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