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Thursday, November 10, 2016

I have to admit, my beauty routine is something that I'm not really proud of. I usually just buy whatever is available or cheap, and use them without thinking if it suits me. Gladly, Real Techniques by Sam & Nic make up tools helped me realize that there is a big difference in using quality tools. This is my first set of brushes/tools that aren't randomly selected. And my take on it? I love it! I can really say that there's a huge difference in terms of the materials being used and the effect of the make up being applied to my face. Here are the make up tools that I got from Real Techniques at Sephora
 The Stippling Brush definitely has become one of my favorites! I use it for my foundation, and I love how it gives a good coverage on my whole face. Though it really takes time to have that airbrush and flawless effect, I only use this brush when I'm not in a hurry. The bristles are light and soft, but are still intact. 
 I'm not really a pro on make up, but the Miracle Complexion Sponge does miracles in hiding my imperfections. I use it in applying concealer for coverage of my acne scars, and it really does wonders in hiding it. The sponge has a great texture and it's really soft. 
 I'm an eyelash person, and there are times wherein my mascara is clumped together. I don't like it when that happens. The Lash-Brow Groomer does the trick in solving it! It makes my mascara more natural looking! Plus the other side of the brush can be used in grooming our eyebrows too!
Lastly, the Travel Essentials. These are probably my most used brushes since these three are what I usually use when I travel or when I'm in a hurry. What I like about this set is that it's simplified.These are actually basic brushes that I need in my daily basis usage for make up.  The brushes are very full and plush, but still very soft and gentle on the skin. I use the Essential Foundation Brush for foundation and concealer, the Multi-task Brush for my face powder, and the Domed Shadow Brush to add a bit definition on my eyelids. 

Overall, I'm really happy with my new make up tools. Considering the quality, the price is just right for it. Indeed, Real Techniques really does help you make the most of your makeup!

Visit their site to know more about their products. 

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