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Wednesday, April 18, 2018

What's the most important thing when you travel? For me it's internet connection. When I travel, I always make sure I have internet connection because it makes my whole trip easier. I can search my way through to an attraction via google maps, browse through the net on which restaurant to eat, and find the cheapest shopping district to buy souvenirs. Whenever I get lost, I can easily find a way back to the right track. Plus, I can also stay connected with my family and friends!
On my previous travels, I usually buy a local simcard with free 3G which is usually good for 3 days. Using a sim card is kind of a hassle for me.When I arrive at the airport of my destination, I need to look for the convenience store/shop that sells one, have my sim card removed and attach the new one in my phone. When your out exploring the city, you'll find out that the wifi signal isn't that good. With this, I got lost a couple of times because my google maps sometimes doesn't update immediately, leading me somewhere else.

It was only last month when I first tried FlytPack. FlytPack is a Wifi router that allows you to stay connected overseas without outrageous roaming charges.
It is simple to use and easy to bring.

Jesse and I headed to Singapore for a vacation and it was by far the fastest personal internet connection I've ever used in traveling. Upon landing in Singapore, I was able to use the internet immediately. No changing of sim cards, just turned on the wifi router, encoded the password, and got connected. So easy to use! It can also hold-up to 5 devices! What amazes me is how long the battery life of the router is. I got to charge my router after 2 days of use! Plus what's more surprising is that you can use the wifi router as a powerbank!
Have you ever traveled to a different country and found out that their outlet is not the same as yours, so you go out to a local store to buy an adapter? I did a couple of times already. Gladly, FlytPack has included a universal adapter in their kit!

Are you know convinced to use FlytPack on your upcoming trips? Here's how you can rent one. :)

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Visit FlytPack's website for more details. :)

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