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Monday, May 7, 2018

When you hear about Singapore, the first thing that usually comes to mind is "expensive." It's true! Singapore is expensive. It's the world's most expensive city. However, it can also be affordable depending on how you budget and spend your money. I've been to Singapore twice already, and it didn't hurt my pocket that much while enjoying my trip there. So for those who want to experience Singapore on a budget, here are a few tips that I can give to you for your upcoming trip!

1. Transportation

If you're only visiting Singapore, you're going to need to buy an EZ-Link Card. You can use this card to ride for buses, MRT, LRT, and purchase your food at select stores too! During our stay there, we used around SGD5 per day, but again it depends on your activities.

2. Stay at a hostel

Hotels can be quite pricey. If you really want to save on your stay, skip the traditional accommodation and consider staying at a hostel. You get to meet a lot of people around the world too! Some of the hostels include light breakfast. Take advantage of that before starting your day.
On my last visit, Jesse and I stayed at 5FootWay.Inn Project Boat Quay. I really love the location and the surroundings. Read about my stay here and use my code "SS10" for a discount.

3. Eat at Hawker Centers

If you don't know what a Hawker Center is, it's a food chain with so many options to choose from. Not to mention their affordable prices too! Usual price per meal would be around SGD 5-8 and you're already very full with that price!

4. Use KLOOK for tourist spots

If you want to visit the tourists spots and want to spend lesser than the regular rates on site, book your tickets via Klook for great bargains! Jesse and I had been using Klook on our trips, and it surely did not only help us save money, but also skip the long queue of line!

Gardens by the Bay Ticket Singapore is inclusive of  the admission to the Cloud Forest and Flower Dome.

View over 100,000 marine creatures at Southeast Asia's largest aquarium

5. Shopping

If you want to buy souvenirs before you head home, skip the big shopping malls and head over to Bugis Street, China Town or Little India, especially at Mustafa Mall. You'll find items with great deals! You can also bargain at some shops too!

6. Take advantage on Singapore's Activities

There's one thing that I noticed in Singapore. They're full of activities! And guess what? It's free! Their activities change from time to time, so no experience is the same. During my visit their last March, I got to witness the Elight park, and watch the water and light show at the Marina Bay. 

On the other side of the Marina bay, there was also a carnival that we got to visit. It was the Prudential Life Carnival, and I got to say, it was the most fun and organized carnival I've ever been! So make sure before you land in Singapore, check out Visit Singapore's website and see the free shows and activities you can avail so that you can experience Singapore at its best for free!

Again, you can really experience Singapore with a budget. That goes with travelling as well. It really comes down on the way you spend and budget your money! :)

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