Davao Day 1 & 2

Thursday, June 21, 2012

 One of my close friends now living in Davao, Kaye
 At the Port, chicken something. I forgot what it's called. haha! All I can remember is that this dish is delicious and very affordable too!(only costs P79)
At Ice Giants.

 With Deniece & Kirsten 
 Eating dinner at Patti's Restaurant.
My look for the night.

Day 1 & 2
Last June 7, I flew to Davao to meet my close friend, Kaye. There were no available promo tickets on the same day my other two friends booked so I went a day earlier. On the first day, I asked Kaye to bring me to places where I can buy some things for myself, so she brought me to Abreeza, SM, China Town, & Gaisano Mall. On my first day in Davao, I spent a lot! But I didn't regret it 'coz I was very happy with what I've bought!:) The next day, Deniece and Kirsten came. Kaye bought us to Ice Giant, Abreeza, & Victoria Mall. Then we went home to prepare ourselves for our night out. Getting ourselves ready was fun, its been awhile since I went out to club with my girlfriends. As soon as we were finished, we went out and ate dinner at Patti's restaurant. The food was really good and the price was reasonable! After we ate dinner, we went to the Locker Room (which was right beside Patti's) and started our drinking session. Our next destination was Starr. We danced the night away until the curfew (didn't know there was a curfew). Like every night out, we went to a noodle house (I forgot what it's called) to eat and so we arrived home around 3am. We slept right away 'coz day 3's gonna start early. It was a really fun trip with the girls, having gone to so many places and done so many things. Davao had really concluded our summer with BANG!  :)


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