Pink & Mint

Sunday, June 3, 2012

shoes: Follie
bag: Parisian
accessories: Profile
photos: Ed Dilla

This is actually a very late upload. I wore this outfit to church maybe 2 weeks ago. Anyway, I was inspired by a blogger, Mellow Mayo. "In pursuit of balance between elegance and vulgarity" was the titled quote of her style. As you can see her looks, most of them involved pairing socks with shoes. I've tried trying wearing socks but the outcome didn't look good on me. I think it's because I have darker complexion or the socks were just horrible. haha. I chose light/sweet colors for the look. I picked a mint dress, a pair of light pink shoes, a pink bag, and topped them all with pearls and pastel colored accessories. Oh yeah, someone commented on this look as "not a perfect combination", but my friend defended it. I don't know but I think it really depends on the persons style. haha. ;)

What do you think? :)


  1. I think you look cute!!!!

  2. So sweet combination, you look really romantic!:)

  3. OOOH you look so cute ^^ i wish i had your body! you're really a beauty ^^ maybe you can follow me back? ^^

    1. ahwww you're so sweet! thank you so much maxime! :)

  4. that bag is beautiful! it goes perfectly with that dress! :)

  5. cute combination! love the dress dear :)

  6. This dress is so cute! I absolutely love it!! You have a great blog! x

  7. your fashion is so lovely. would you like to follow each other?


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