Santacruzan Sa Sugbo

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Of all the shots, I didn't expect that they were gonna choose this one. haha
 Photo Exhibit
With my boyfriend, Jesse

morena, chinita, mestiza

Designer: Jonas Navarro
MUA: John Amercana

If you've been following my blog post, I have mentioned earlier about a shoot. And yes, that shoot was for the "Santacruzan Sa Sugbo" photo exhibit at SM. At first, I was a bit intimidated with the whole idea of being a part of the event since most of the girls were beauty queens or have titles from previous pageants, and I've got none. But as I get to know some of them, I got comfortable knowing we've got a lot in common and found out that they're really fun to be with. As the parade started, I really didn't expect that a lot of people would be watching & taking pictures of us. Smiling for too long and walking around with 4 inch heels for about four hrs is not easy, but it was quite an experience and was worth sacrificing for Mama Mary. Being a part of "Santacruzan Sa Sugbo" was indeed a great experience! :)

Have a blessed Sunday everyone! :)


  1. Sophiaaaa!! :) You were part of the entourage? Haha :) Nice kaau imong gown :)

    1. yup! na saag jd ko ai haha! thank youu! kang jonas navarro na na design :)

  2. You´re very pretty!:)


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