Day 4: Eden Nature Park

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Day 4. 
Again, our day started early. As we were on our way to Eden Nature Park, the four of us just slept(didn't had enough sleep. we slept around 4am). As we arrived at Eden, we were amazed by its nature and its view! The place was so refreshing and relaxing! We had to take pictures in every stop on our tour because everything is just beautiful! After we had our tour, we went to the playground. On the play ground, we felt like we were kids again. We played around and of course, took pictures(a lot).Taking a break from the city was what we needed. Really enjoyed every second of it! 
That day was quite an adventure. :)


  1. The horse is so cute :) Beautiful place :)

  2. Looks amazing!

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  3. amazing photos honey :*

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  4. Beautiful photos and style!

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  5. ive been wanting to go to eden when i was in davao, but had no time :( great photos! you all look cute :)

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