Tuesday, November 17, 2015


 photos by: Jesse Jake
top: Metro Ayala
shoes: SM department store
sunglasses: Sunnies by Charlie
bag: Vintage

Got myself a new pair of sneakers from my trip to Manila. And I have to say, this is probably my favorite sneakers! So you'll be seeing more of these babies in my upcoming posts! ;) Wore this look during our pre-event pullout with my fellow bloggers yesterday. Wearing a pair of sneakers was both a good and bad idea. Good since there wes a lot of walking cause it took us 3 hours to finish picking up clothes. Bad because every time I try on pants, I need to remove my shoes. So yeah. It was quite a hassle. Nevertheless, it was still a fun day. Actually, these past few days has been great! It really does work if  you think positive and surround yourself with positive people. :)

Have a great day everyone! 


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