Sweet Sundae

Sunday, November 22, 2015

 photos by: Jesse Jake
dress: For Me

As much as I enjoy trying out different styles, I always end up wearing feminine ensembles. What I like about it is the versatility of wearing the style to any occasion. The other reason is the color. The color is so subtle and sweet. Reminds me of cotton candy, bubblegum, and ice cream! Okay, I sounded like a kid. Haha! I also love how pastel colors give enough sophistication and elegance to a look. It also gives a grown-up touch to your outfit with a feminine twist. :)

For Me concept store opening at SM Seaside City Cebu on the 27th. Stylish treats await. Follow For Me on FacebookTwitter, and Instagram for details. 



  1. The dress looks so good on you, Soph! :)

    - Jean


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