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Thursday, November 26, 2015

Yesterday, which was just a few hours ago, my fellow bloggers and I attended the SM Seaside City Grand Opening. The first word that came into my mouth when I saw the new mall was "wow". The exterior was already obvious that the mall is huge. But as you go inside, you really can't feel the size of the mall. You will only feel it as you walk around the mall because it gets really tiring! So ladies, if you're planning to check out SM Seaside, I suggest wearing flats. Trust me! I was already wearing flats and my legs are still tired up to now. Walked around the mall for about 7 hours, and we haven't finished the tour of the entire mall yet. Anyway, here are some of the photos taken during our tour inside the mall! 
 Yup, there's a Director's Club! Can't wait to try and experience watching a movie here!
 The second branch of H&M here in Cebu. They'll have their grand opening on the 9th next month.

Penshoppe inside Seaside is the largest Penshoppe store here in the Philippines. This is their flagship store. There were new collections, such as their new sunnies collection called "Sun Dazed".

 With my fellow bloggers and the man behind Penshoppe, Bernie Liu. 
 Another store we visited was Regatta. It was said to be the most beautiful Regatta store in the Philippines. It was also the first Regatta store to have a home section!

 For Me Seaside is also said to be the largest For Me store in the Philippines. I had so much fun looking around this store 'cause it was so pretty and pink!

 I love how Memo now has pieces that are also casual. This store is my favorite Memo store I've been.

 Here are some photos taken at Sfera. Originating from Madrid, Sfera is a fashion chain that exemplifies contemporary Spanish style.

 This photo was taken at the food court. Amazing right?
 And the last set of photos from our tour is from the Supermarket. This is one of my favorite places at Seaside 'cause the interior was really good. I love how spacious the place was and the materials used on their walls were mostly subway tiles. And I really love subway tiles! Plus the lights used was awesome!

 There were a lot of instagram worthy scenes inside the Supermarket, such as their dining. This is their first Supermarket to have a dining area allotted for their food stalls.

The meat area was my favorite! It looks like it's not here in the Philippines!
And another favorite area inside the grocery. Will probably take an ootd photo here soon! Haha!
Indeed, SM Seaside is a premier mall. The interior is just as amazing as the exterior! See it for yourself and be surprised with what this mall has to offer. It's a mall one should experience! Just prepare yourselves with some serious walking. I suggest you wear something comfortable, and probably do some exercise! Haha! SM Seaside will finally open later at 10 in the morning! See you there!


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