Sunday, November 15, 2015

photos by: yours truly
sunglasses: Aldo

Shot these photos during my travel in Manila by myself. Yes, by myself. My mom was with me but she couldn't, COULDN'T, take any decent photos of me. I did an outfit shot outside with my mom, but there were no photos I can use for my blog. Most of them were either blurry or my head was not included. It was frustrating and hilarious! So I decided to do it with self timer instead. I'm quite surprised that it turned out okay. This was my first time using self-timer for my outfit post! 

These past few days have been crazy! An unplanned trip, a canceled trip, event organizing, and deadlines. I'm just glad that it's over... well, most of it. I can finally have time to squeeze in some blog posts. And most importantly, have a good sleep! :)

Good night everyone! :)



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